Door Decorations Schedule

There are 16 doors in Rhetoric and 15 in Logic. Add one for the admin, and you’ve got 32 total. that being said, these don’t need to be super intricate or time consuming. Cute scrap booking paper can be your best friend!

November (Thanksgiving): Adison C.

December (Christmas): Claire W./ Esther R./ Haven V.

January (New Year):

February (Valentine’s): Ralyn Gale/ Ian C.

March (St. Patrick’s): Greta M.

April (Easter):

May (End of the Year):


Teacher Treats Schedule

Since I know schedules are all different, during the time slot you sign up for, you just need to bring something once (you can do more if you want!). You choose the day that works best for you.

Nov. 17-21 (Thanksgiving): Mary Claire B.

Dec. 1-12: Tory P.

Dec. 15-19 (Christmas):Whitley W.

Jan. 5-16:

Jan. 19-30:

Feb. 2-13:

Feb. 16-27:

March 2-6:

March 16-27:

March 30-April 10 (Easter):

April 13-24:

April 27-May 8: 

May 11-22: